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The Flexlogics Equipment Vault is a secure cloud-based platform that enables companies to securely store and share flange records and related drawings. This allows authorized site members to access the records quickly and easily. The Vault also provides a secure and efficient way to keep all the drawings and data up-to-date. This helps to reduce the risk of errors and allows for faster and more effective decision making.

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Equipment Details in regards to a Equipment Vault record may include:

    • Detailed drawings of the various components of the equipment, including dimensions, weight, materials, and other specifications.
    • Photographs of the equipment, both in use and in storage.
    • Maintenance records, including parts and labor costs, as well as any repairs performed.
    • User manuals and operating instructions.
    • Safety information, such as requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE) and any other safety protocols.
    • Warranty information and details of any recalls.
    • Parts lists and diagrams of replacement components.
    • Serial numbers and other identifying information.

Attachments Tab contains all of the uploads for the piece of equipment.

Linked Connections Tab is where you can see what connections are linked to the equipment or you can create a link between the equipment and a connection.

Update Records: I very much like adding a new connection. You open an existing record and make any changes necessary to the record and hit either Save & Continue (to keep the record open) or Save & Close (to close the record).

Activity Log keeps a history of all changes made to each record.

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