Flexlogics Help

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  • Connection Manager -- Flexlogics Connection Manager module lets you approach your whole joint maintenance plan as a unified ecosystem, from the point of view of the flanges in the facilities you operate. Connection-level control streamlines your maintenance workflows and provides simple, real-time visibility to the status of your flanges and details about your gaskets. Connection Manager unifies your maintenance and servicing activities from a holistic management perspective.


  • Workpacks -- The Flexlogics Workpacks module is the tool with which orders for flange maintenance and gasket replacement are generated, distributed and managed. It lets you easily assign work orders and contractor assessments for your entire flange ecosystem in real time, directly from a centralized dashboard. Workpacks link to other key modules within the Flexlogics system to allow for easy visibility to historical maintenance activities as well as work in progress.


  • Equipment Vault -- The Flexlogics Equipment Vault connects all relevant drawings to the flange records inside Connection Manager to provide instant access between authorized sites, and to approved vendors and contractors.


  • Torque Calculator -- Flexlogics Torque Calculator supports every aspect of the torque calculating process with convenient tools and records attached to the flange records within Connection Manager.


  • Gasket Selector -- The Flexlogics Gasket Selector is your direct connection to years of engineering specifications, standardized specs, sealing application experience, and best practices for sealing challenging applications, all available 24/7 in one convenient online tool.


  • Knowledge Hub -- Easy to search and use, Knowledge Hub is an extensive digital library containing years’ worth of technical documents, white papers, case studies and joint integrity support.


  • Site Management -- The Flexlogics Site Management allows access to Site Owners and Managers to make changes specific to the Site.


  • My Account -- My Account contains the information specific to the user.  Change Password, Two-Factor Authorization and Sites you are a member of allowing the user to ability to leave sites or view pending site access.